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*THE POOL IS NOW CLOSED - to re-open in May 2022*

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Sundays is pool maintenance day :)

Our pool is a community effort - it's run by a team of unpaid volunteers and there's always lots to do year round to help keep it going. 

There are various tasks to maintain the pool out-of-season and there's a maintenance rota. If you'd like to help, please contact our Volunteers' Coordinator, Janet Evans: There's a list of jobs in the kitchen which people can help with - Janet can tell you more about this if you contact her. 

Pool plant: We'd love to show a few more people how the pool plant room works (where the boiler & filters are), with a view to involving more people helping to run the plant room. This crucial work is currently falling to our 3 Plant Operators who are all retired - we need to bring a few more people on board to help share the load and learn the ropes. Is this something you or someone you know could help with? We also need people to learn how to vaccum the pool - if you're interested, please contact Janice Stott: 

For the latest on the pool, please check this website for info, follow Lordsfield Swimming Club on Facebook for the latest updates & check out the pool's item in the monthly Parish Council News & Views newsletter, 

Any queries, please email & we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

With best wishes from the LSC Trustees & Management Committee 

Pool information leaflet 2021 - find out everything you need to know in one short leaflet!

LSC Pool Info Leaflet (2021).pdf File Uploaded: 24 May 2021 553.7 KB
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